Convenient Cycle is bike shop with a difference — one that takes the questions out of riding and managing your own, or a fleet of bikes.

What this means to you: We provide tours, bike rentals, fleet management, and bike mechanic services to reach the inner cyclist in all of us: the childlike core who just wants to ride their bike. In over 100 years of cycling innovation, we’ve made bicycles out of ever newer materials, developed electric motors, manufactured and distributed cycles that do everything from taking the kids to school to delivering cargo; but we haven’t made it easy.

Convenient Cycle makes it easy.

  • Don’t ride a bike much, or are just visiting the city and want to see what it’s like in this beautiful place? Take one of our tours; in or outside the city, a few hours, a whole day, or several days.
  • Want to ride a bike but don’t have one? We’ll help you find a bike that meets your needs, not the latest gadgetry but a solid bike perfect for you.
  • Have a bike you love? We can fix it up. Simple, easy, just what you need, no more.
  • Providing bike rental for hotel or AirBNB guests? We rent and maintain small fleets.
  • Want your employees to bike more? Try our unique in-house bike maintenance visits.