Mobile bike repair service

Edwin making a flat-fix house call

We’re happy to bring the bike shop to you! Our motto is convenience, and for many of us, the most convenient option is to have your bike fixed in your back yard or driveway. Our mobile repair service — our Cargo Bike Shop — is the answer.

No appointments July 21-31; we’re moving shop spaces! Our process is simple; email or call 503-267-8284 and we’ll set an appointment for Edwin to come to you. We’ll need to know the make and model of your bike, and what size tires you have (we’re happy to talk you through it). Sometimes we can do same-day service, other times we will have to come out the following day. Currently we are taking appointments Monday through Saturday. We have pricing built in for some services, while others will depend on the bike type. We can give an approximate estimate before we arrive. See our service map for more information; outside the service area, we may be available for a slightly higher fee.

Selected mobile bike repair pricing

  • Flat fix (simple, front tire): $25 including tube
  • Flat fix (more complex, rear tire, e-bike): $35 – $40 including tube
  • Basic tuneup (cleaning, tire inflation, brakes and gears checked, adjusted and oiled, wheels trued): $100

We can take payment via Venmo, PayPal, or we can email you an invoice; we also have a no-touch card reader. We can take cash, too, just ask!