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Bike rentals, Mobile bike service; new and used bike sales; bike tours, hiking tours and walking tours; and a classic bike shop in inner Southeast Portland, Oregon.

Black Lives Matter. Protect trans lives. Support Indigenous sovereignty. Though the racial justice protests in Portland have become less dominant in city life, much important work is still to be done and in many ways the aims of activists were never achieved. Our commitment to undoing centuries of structural racism in Portland, as well as our place at large, remain unwavering. It is our work to put our community first and to stand up to fascism wherever we find it. Our staff supports its Black, Indigenous and trans employees and community members as a central defining principle.

Our history

Since 2009, Convenient Cycle has been developing methods of reaching the inner cyclist in all of us; but we realize that this can only be accomplished through making your tool (your bicycle!) easy to access, use, and delight in. This can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and we do that through our tourism products, mechanic work, and bicycle asset management.

Convenient Cycle is bike shop with a difference.

Our goal is to get you back to the childlike core who just wants to ride their bike. In over 100 years of cycling innovation, we’ve made bicycles out of ever newer materials, developed electric motors, manufactured and distributed cycles that do everything from taking the kids to school to delivering cargo; but we haven’t made it easy.

Convenient Cycle makes it easy.

  • Don’t ride a bike much, or are just visiting the city and want to see what it’s like in this beautiful place? Take one of our tours; in or outside the city, a few hours, a whole day, or several days.
  • Want to ride a bike but don’t have one? We’ll help you find a bike that meets your needs, not the latest gadgetry but a solid bike perfect for you.
  • Have a bike you love? We can fix it up. Simple, easy, just what you need, no more.
  • Providing bike rental for hotel or home lodging guests? We rent and maintain small fleets.
  • Want your employees to bike more? Try our unique in-house bike maintenance visits.

Between our partners, we have decades of experience living on bikes: getting ourselves, our friends and lovers, our children, our cargo and groceries, our customers, our tour guests, around on bicycles. We love riding our bikes! And we love seeing the delight in other people when they discover how easy and wonderful it is to ride their bike.

Edwin Skaug, company founder and operations manager, has been riding and fixing his own bikes since he was in elementary school. For 15 years, he has owned and operated Convenient Cycle, an evolving company meant to make cycling simpler — more convenient! — for everyone. As bike mechanic, occasional tour guide, purveyor of bike fun, and in the past several years, manager of Pedal Bike Tours and other tourism companies, Edwin has worked in a variety of ways to explore his own personal and company mission: to meet cyclists where they are.

Sarah Gilbert, tour guide extraordinaire and strategic director, has been working in the bicycle tourism industry for ten years and as a bicycle evangelist for a decade and a half. Her work has included community-focused bicycle support as well as media campaigns; she is still locally famous for having pushed a fast food chain to officially allow bicycles in their drive-throughs, inspiring a Portland ordinance requiring bicycle and pedestrian access to drive-through windows if there is no other ordering option. As tour developer, Sarah has set the industry standard in several tour categories, creating tours that everyone wants to imitate. Sarah believes that riding your bike makes you happy; her personal mission is to unlock the joy in everyone.

Christine Dakis, head bicycle mechanic and person of literally all trades (she’s also our staff veterinary consultant), is a formidable talent in every sort of bike wrenching, with many years of experience specializing in e-bikes. She has worked for nearly every bike shop in the city and has participated in one of Portland’s most beloved bike collectives, A Better Cycle. She spends her off time teaching others how to do simple bike repair and helping her community get the food and support they need.

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