Bicycle Adventures

Wy’east Adventure Day!

Booking our cycle adventures is a perfect middle ground adventure between the nonstop energy of multi-day cycle itineraries and low-key half-day bike tours. With lots of ground to cover and a slower approach with plenty of time for views, relaxed lunches and picking your own pace, we love to recommend the Wy’east ride.

We start the day on the mountainside of what the map calls “Mt. Hood” and we call Wy’east, a proud and prominent pyroclastic volcano. We spend the day riding from just below the timberline, on a resort that serves skiers in the winter, all the way down to what Indigenous people called “the big river,” now the town of Hood River.

We travel through lava fields, cherry, pear and apple orchards; past lavender and cut flower farms; and make sure we stop for optional lunch at a one of the favorite vineyard/cidermaker properties. The town of Parkdale makes a nice wayside stop as well, a laid back and friendly mountain community.

Your options include a 60 mile / 100 km ride with some very easy and more challenging sections, nearly all with quieter roadways but a little on faster highways with wide shoulders; or 40 mile or 20 mile options that focus more on enjoying the scenery and stay off the busier roads.

The ride is a perfect one to pair with one of our Columbia Gorge scenic bikeway adventures and a nice spectrum of higher and very low elevation rides. (The highest elevation we ride on this tour is about 4,000 feet, or about 1200 meters.)

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