25 March 2020: Today A Convenient Cycle makes the first deliveries for its new bike-based service delivering locally-roasted coffee to Portlanders homebound due to the pandemic.

“Our tourism business can’t operate in a climate with travel bans and stay-at-home orders,” said Edwin Skaug, founder of A Convenient Cycle. “As I’ve shifted our business over the past 11 years, the principle is to provide what my community needs, on a bicycle.”

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With partners Madi Carlson and Sarah Gilbert, A Convenient Cycle has grown to serve hundreds of visitors each month traveling to Portland under its Around Portland Tours brand. When business abruptly stopped, the partners knew they couldn’t stop finding ways to help keep Portland’s passionate makers producing good things.

“We love to carry things on our bike,” said Gilbert. “And we have come to know the city and its stories so well. We can’t stop being part of the city’s story; this is our way of telling it, person by person, coffee bag by coffee bag.”

Given the pandemic, delivery cyclists (the company’s partners and bike tour guides) will wear gloves for delivery, leave orders on doorsteps, and accept tips only through virtual payment methods.

“More products will be launched as there is demand. We’re committed to helping Portlanders stay in their homes, and support their favorite local roasters, tea makers, bakers, and other small businesses; we all know that this pandemic is taking a huge toll. Our goal is to help makers stay resilient and Portlanders stay connected, however virtually,” said Skaug.

At launch, there will be a $3 delivery fee, with selected coffee from Trailhead Coffee Roasters, Water Avenue Coffee, and Upper Left Roasters available within 24 hours of order and other coffee and Steven Smith Tea available with a few days’ lead time. Coava Coffee and Nossa Familia will also be included by early April.

“Portland is a city filled with innovation; we operate on togetherness. We are happy to be a part of this, in any way we can,” said Gilbert.

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